Who We are

About Australia's best Kids Picnic Table & Outdoor Furniture maker

It all started in August 2011 when I was in the search for an kids outdoor table for my then 18 month old son. We lived in Brisbane at the time, in a 2 bedroom townhouse and we had a lovely little outdoor area where we would sit to have breakfast and lunch. We had an adult size table and my son used to sit in his high chair. I get fed up with lifting him in and out of his high chairs every time he wanted to run around between mouthfuls, so I began to search for his own little table and chair. I started at the obvious places department and hardware stores, but they only offer cheap plastic that would fade easily, heat up and were light enough for him to push around to climb up on things or timber ones that would only hold 50kgs.

My husband worked in the building industry and I nagged him for months to build me a kids table but always got the “I’m too busy”. So I showed him the timber ones at one of the department stores for $200 and he said that they were a cheap import that couldn't hold the weight of more than 2 young children and it would fall apart and that he could build one better. He did build one and it was better, and that’s how we started. We now have 4 employees and have built over a thousand tables for use in Childcare center's, Schools, Businesses, Shopping center's, Council Parks and also for use in many homes. Because we are able to flat pack all our designs we can send them anywhere in Australia at an affordable price.

Please check out our website and if you have any Questions, please feel free to contact us via facebook or send us an email